Hello lovely readers!

Jeez, can you believe it鈥檚 the end of year already? When the hell did that happen?? How has your year been? Mine has been pretty 鈥 steady. Career-wise, I鈥檝e continued to work hard on Zen Pencils 鈥 most of the year has been spent working on comics that will form part of my new book collection, which I鈥檒l tell you more about later. Personally things have been great, my daughter is keeping me busy and I鈥檝e been helping look after her more as my wife returned to work. I鈥檝e probably struggled a bit to find a good work/life balance – working from home and having a cute little human running around does mean my productivity has dropped a little. But it鈥檚 one of the main reasons I quit my job all those years ago to start Zen Pencils, to have more time for family and life so it’s all good. read more